Sunday, 19 June 2011

Oh, Lupaa! Lagi satu.. :)

Thanks to all Blazin Squad's voters, supporters for support 'em in Showdown 2011 :) Even Iz sndri akan sentiasa support and sayang  Blazin Squad <3 Walaupun showcase t'akhir korg adalah last week. Memang agak sedih la bagi Iz lps ni korg dah tkda dalam Showdown. Tapi, Iz redha cuz Blazin Squad mmg t'baik pada Iz :) Susah nak expect apa yang korg akan bagi every week, cuma last week je takda luck, mungkin sbb t'lalu focus utk collaboration :) And ur collaboration with Elecoldxhot was SUPERBLY DOPE mang! Give 'em the urgh! To Bboy Shaky, Bboy Popeye, Bboy Nat, Bboy Gmie, Bboy Danny, Bboy Kujoe, and my Dear Bboy Pwosad.. Be strong, be tough.. Blazin bole pergi jauh! Alhamdulillah korg dpt byk offer afta kelua ni aight? Igt supporters yg dulu selalu je support korg, walau di kutuk sume, dorg loyal dgn Blazin Squad :) Much love and respect Blazin Squad! PEACE! <3 

Maple: Cantikkkkk gilaaaa! Linda: you guys have proved that this show is international standard! Awesome energy guys! Wooohoo!! 
Press Conference

Got feedback from K-Town Clan! <3
Supporters :)
Supporters :)

Here's the collaboration, last showcase between BLAZIN SQUAD and Elecoldxhot :)

Elecoldxhot and Blazin Squad Showdown 2011 Live WeeK 7

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